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This week’s blog is something that’s a bit of a ‘soap box’ issue for me!

It seems that my coat pockets, bags and even my washing machine regularly have crumpled plastic nappy bags in them. This is a somewhat strange considering that I don’t have children. I do however have two dogs and as a dog owner, unpleasant as it might be, I ‘poop scoop’ on a regular basis. Occasionally I’ve been shouted at by someone who has just stepped in some dog poo or by someone whose child has just come into contact with some, just because I have dogs. This is because a small minority of dog owners act irresponsibly and don’t pick up after their dogs which can unfortunately lead to a bad image of dog owners as a whole.

Dog fouling is a recurring problem in public places. It’s unpleasant, illegal and claiming ignorance of a dog’s actions is no defence. If you don’t ‘bag it and bin it’, Fixed Penalty Notices of £50 can be issued by Community Safety Patrol Officers and non-payment can lead to a fine of up to £1000. In a bid to tackle the issue of dog fouling, The Friends of Victoria Park Stretford have recently applied for a grant to buy dog poo bags and bag dispensers to be sited in public spaces around Stretford. If the grant is successful the FOVP will lead a joint venture involving other ‘Friends’ groups and local schools to try and reduce the level of fouling in local streets, schools and green spaces. It’s hoped that the joined up approach will educate and facilitate dog owners to ‘bag it and bin it’ and improve the environment for everyone. Watch this space for further news!

If you want to report dog fouling visit

Words: Sam Quinton


Eaten too many Easter Eggs? Starting from Tuesday 24th April ‘Fight the Fat Boot Camp’ will be in Victoria Park to help you get fit and have fun doing it. Why not come along to the park on Tuesdays (Ladies only) or Fridays (Unisex) between 7pm and 8pm and give it a go. The class costs £3 per session – for more information ring Sammi on 0741 271 1101.

If you don’t feel like running in this year’s Manchester Marathon, then why not support those who are? On Sunday 29th April from 9am -12pm the Friends of Victoria Park, Stretford will be at the Park Road gates with refreshments, music and raffle tickets. Come along and cheer the runners on as they pass by. This is a free, drop in event suitable for all ages.

Saturday 9th June is the Friends fun dog show ‘Scrufts’ (1pm-3pm). Does your dog have the cutest face, the waggiest tail or the best party trick? Come along and see if your dog can win a prize or even be crowned Scrufts ‘Champion of Champions’! With refreshments and arts and crafts, the event is suitable for the whole family. (Dog entrance fees apply)

There are lots of other drop in events happening in the park throughout May with Bowls Coaching, Arts and Crafts and Free Bike Repairs. Why not go along and get involved or just enjoy a cup of tea and a chat in the community building Tea Room?

Sam Quinton