Friends of Victoria Park Stretford

Trees of the park

Around the park trees have ID tags on them these correspond to the list attached here.

Tree ID Tag Survey – Victoria Park (2008 data)

2016 data can be found here:

Victoria-Park-Trees-Common-Names 2016

2 thoughts on “Trees of the park

  1. Alicia Arribas


    I would appreciate If you could tell me the name of the trees producing red berries by the basketball courts?

    I think they are Viburnums but cannot find them listed in your excel file.

    Many thanks.

  2. kathleen101

    Hi Alicia – sorry for the delay in replying. I’m not sure but can find out for you.
    If you’re on Facebook, you can follow our page there and also contact the group.
    Search for: Friends of Victoria Park Stretford.
    We’re also on Twitter @FOVPStretford

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