Friends of Victoria Park Stretford

The 2010-2011 Committee


Shelly Quinton-Hulme I am the current Chair of the committee [since May 2006] and have lived in Stretford for over 30 years and Victoria Park has always played a part in my life.  As children, my brothers and I spent most of our leisure time playing in the park, and as such it will always hold dear memories for me.  I love the feeling of giving something back to the park and the community, and enjoy the events that we run.  I have been a trustee on the committee since we started in 2002.  I gave birth to my son in 2007 and the park is now even more important to me as we are in there most weekends, and my son loves it.  I want to ensure that the park not only survives for future generations, but is also a relevant resource, allowing fun opportunities for all now.   I want the park to increase it’s its facilities and become the focus of Stretford’s community life. 
Pauline Law I am the Vice Chair and Treasurer for the FOVP’s.  I am a retired teacher and have spent all of my married life in Stretford, about forty years.  I enjoy the company of children and brought my two daughters to the park – now I bring my grandsons.  I enjoy painting, reading, my family and the constant battle to keep fit.  I became involved through my husband’s interest and enjoyed organising  the social events, with the local community and the school children who have played a big part in improving the park.  I value the friendship and fun of park events, meeting the many people of all ages who come together to enjoy all that the park has to offer.  The park means so much to the local community and I am proud that we have made a difference.
Bernice Garlick I am a Trustee of the committee and one of the ward councillors.  I also live quite close to the park.  I have used the park since my children were very small.  Now that they are grown up, I want to make sure that the park thrives for the future generations.  The members of the Friends Of Victoria Park Stretford [FOVP’s] are a great bunch of people – really committed with loads of energy and terrific ideas.  They are a refreshing antidote to some of the more difficult meetings that I have to attend.  The achievements of the group have been spectacular, and have helped to shape the way forward.   It is a good feeling to be part of this work.
Tom Ross I am a the Secretary for the group and a Councillor for Stretford Ward and realise how important Victoria Park is to the residents of Stretford.  My favourite part of being a member of the group is helping out at the events- they are always very well attended by the local community and it is heartening to see so many people enjoy the park as a result.
Christine Barry I am a Play Co-ordinator on the committee.  I have lived locally for over 30 years and I use the park daily in connection with my job as a registered childminder.  I love the fact that we have such a beautiful park on our doorstep and feel most strongly that local people should campaign to improve this valuable asset for Stretford.  I want the children that I care for to have lots of fresh air and exercise as I feel this is essential for their well being.  What better place than our park to entertain them! I am involved because I think of Stretford as a community and think of the park as a perfect venue for gatherings and events to bring people together.  I hope more people get involved in our very friendly, hard working FOVP’s group – you would certainly be made most welcome!  Please take time to enjoy Victoria Park, Stretford.
Teresa Sweeney I am joint Play Co-ordinator on the committee along with my friend Christine Barry.  I am also a registered childminder and find the park invaluable throughout the year.  I’ve lived in Stretford for 20 years since marrying my husband Gordon “Gazebo” Sweeney.  We have 4 children, 3 of who are now teenagers.  Unfortunately for them, the park did not have a lot to offer, facilities were quite poor and the park was in decline.  Saddened by its continuing deterioration, I wrote to Councillor Bernice Garlick and not long after FOVP’s was formed.  Dedicated local people, not only making vast improvements all around, but taking the time to listen and value people’s views on what needs to be done, encouraging anyone who can, to become actively involved in the parks future.  Our local park is such an important place for all ages and should be cared for and looked after.  Hearing people comment on how beautiful the park looks makes everything worthwhile.  For me, it is a wonderful feeling to be part of such an interesting on-going transformation.  I know I’m not the only one to say “I am proud of Victoria Park, Stretford”.
Gordon Sweeney I am a most useful member of the committee and am in charge of putting up gazebos!
Jean Napier  
Fiona McDonald  
Shirley Kirby  
 Shelly Quinton-Hulme, Caroline Hunt, Victoria McCarthy, Christine Barry, Teresa Sweeney.