Friends of Victoria Park Stretford

Friends of Victoria Park

Best Friends

Debbie Olsen I am a Best Friend of the group.  I have only lived in Stretford for three and a half years, but got involved with the park through my son’s child-minder.  It is nice to have a say on what’s happening in the area and it’s not a lot to ask to give up a few hours each year, to help in the lovely park, which is a bit of a secret gem.   The park is a beautiful place and the events organised by the FOVP’s give it a real sense of community and pride in the area.  The Friends work hard to be constantly finding funding to improve the park for everybody young and old and I am happy to help whenever I can.  I particularly love the Christmas event!  Get involved – it’s a big park and the FOVP’s need all the help they can get especially on clean-up days!


Young Friends



Park Twins – Victoria Park in Newfoundland. They are famous for their lantern festival. – Victoria Park, Stafford

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