Friends of Victoria Park Stretford

Aspirations Project 2016

Victoria Park Junior School sent their year 4 students to the park to learn about volunteering with the Friends of Victoria Park and why we do what we do. We walked around the park and discussed how much things cost and who paid for them and how that money was raised – either through taxes, fundraising or grants. The children were then tasked with looking at how the Friends group could put on new events to raise more money for more improvements in the park and they came up with posters and a presentation. Each group then presented their ideas to members of a panel of judges and prizes were awarded to the best. It was a great afternoon being at the presentations and the children did an excellent job. The Friends group will now look at all the ideas in detail and see which ones we can take forward and stage the events. Thank you Year 4 for a brilliant project and all your great ideas.

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