About Friends of Victoria Park, Stretford

The Friends of Victoria Park, Stretford are a diverse group of local residents who love our park and meet regularly to plan improvements and community events in the park.

  • We work with the council to ensure the park and our community’s best interests are fought for & carried out.
  • We stage fun events that bring the community together in the park. We fundraise for these events and ensure they are run safely.
  • We raise money to carry out improvements within the park by filling out and submitting funding applications
  • We ensure the notice boards and interpretation boards are relevant and up to date.
  • We work with local community groups and schools to carry out fun park based projects.
  • We order bird feeding products and keep this area maintained.
  • We meet monthly to discuss our plans and share what we achieved that month.
  • We listen to what the community wants for the park and try and make it happen.
  • We create leaflets, posters, press releases, and have a website to promote the park and its events which we update regularly.
  • You can give as much or as little time to the group as you want – all help is appreciated.
  • We are always looking for new members of all ages and backgrounds to join us in making a difference.

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