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Via post: 20 Moreton Avenue, Stretford, Manchester, M32 8BP

You can phone: Shelly Quinton-Hulme on 0771 828 7131

9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. steven lindley

    the kids and i really enjoyed the viking festival, it was a terrific afternoons fun.
    can i ask what was the group doing the demonstration called? we’d like to see them again


  2. Clare Odunze

    Can you tell me if there is still a film club running at victoria park? I there is do you have any contact information?

    Thank you

    Clare O

  3. kathleen101

    Hi Clare
    Apologies for the lack of reply – we’ve not been keeping our website up to date recently, but are planning to get back on it now!
    There isn’t currently a Film Club running but please keep an eye on the website for event updates, or you can check out our group on Facebook.

  4. kathleen101

    Hi Steve
    Apologies for the lack of a reply – we’ve not been great at updating the website recently but we’re hoping to get back on it now!
    It’s great to hear you enjoyed the Viking Festival – it’s happening again this year on September 13th and we hope you can come along.

  5. Ravi Sethi

    Road Safety and Access to the Park

    Hello, this is a copy of an email I sent to the Council on the Highways section of the Trafford Council website, if others are in agreement, especially those in positions of responsibility around the park, perhaps they could contact the council too.
    For some time now I have thought that the entrance to VIctoria Park (Park Road, Stretford) should have a zebra crossing or pelican crossing as its such a busy road, in fact all entrances should. However, this is particularly busy and there are no traffic lights or even an island by the entrance.

    This is a very busy park and also has many events for the local community which increases the footfall.

    Also, the 7 ways roundabout should have a zebra crossing too. This is the roundabout in Stretford, with a petrol station on it. Manor Road, Barton Road, Lyndhurst Road, Derbyshire Lane are the ones I know off hand.

    I’ve often wondered why the council hasn’t put them in and when crossing planned to write on several occasions but “never got round”.

    Also, on a tangent at Moss Park School where the lollipop lady has been removed and at other sites, surely at the very least a zebra crossing should be put in place? How expensive are these things?

    This letter has been prompted by some serious accidents in our area last week. One outside Tescos which already has a zebra crossing I believe and another at the 7 ways roundabout.

    I have also put a post on the Stretford M32 Group on facebook to see what others think, if anyone reading this has access to the group.

    I know that council resources are very limited and unsure of the economics of these things but I believe that they should strongly be considered.


    Mr Ravi Sethi

  6. kathleen101

    Keep an eye on the website or on our facebook group for upcoming events. Thanks.

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