Friends of Victoria Park Stretford

Mini-Beast Hunt

You didn’t need a Safari suit to attend the Great bug Hunt but armed with their pooters and inspection pots the children and their equally fascinated parents set out to capture wildlife in the Wildlife Garden. They found beetles, ladybirds, spiders and teeming creatures with six legs, eight legs, no legs and sometimes too many to count. The inspection pots were then proudly carried back to the Community building where they were able to view their captives on the computer screen with the aid of a microscope and enjoy a much appreciated drink and biscuit.

We were bowled over by the children’s interest and knowledge as we tried to identify the many creatures that had been discovered, from the carnivorous Harlequin ladybird to some unusual beetles.

Thank you to all who organised and attended this event. We can’t wait till next year. 

(When it was all over all the mini beasts were returned to the Wildlife Garden.)

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