Friends of Victoria Park Stretford

Moth Watch

This event was again a success in that it brought people together in the park to learn a bit more about the nature around us. Unfortunately it was a bit light and cold for the moths and only a few small specimens were found. The adults and children all seemed to have a great time though – as they searched for moths and other bugs by shaking branches and bushes and laid out the wine ropes, sugared the trees and ran around with the nets. Pictures of moths were coloured in and displayed on the wall of the community building by adults and children alike – and all said how much fun they had had. Phillip Rispin from The Manchester Museum led the evening and approx 30 members of the public came along to see what it was all about.

Phillip Rispin conducting Moth Watch

Phillip Rispin pointing out different types of bugs found by the children

Phillip Rispin showing bugs to the children

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