Friends of Victoria Park Stretford


Dogs and their owners of all shapes and sizes came to enjoy our annual dog show in brilliant sunshine. This event is a fun day out for everyone, with or without a dog, and competitors and watchers enjoyed the spectacle of dogs vying to show that they had the cutest face, the waggiest tail, looked most like their owner and that they could perform the best party trick and more.

The more adventurous owners and their dogs entered the agility contest, sometimes with more enthusiasm than skill and provided the audience with a lot of amusement.

At the end of the event prizes were Awarded and Barney with his dog Scrappy became the Victoria Park Scrufts’’ Supreme Champion for 2010.

Thanks to everyone who attended this increasingly popular  event, The Friends who put on the show, the stall holders who donated their energy and extra prizes and most of all the enthusiastic and responsible dog walkers of Victoria Park who provided us with so much fun.

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