Friends of Victoria Park Stretford


Shelly Quinton-Hulme, Pauline Cliff, Ged Birbeck (inventor of Martian Soup), his grand-daughter Chloe and Christine Lavender – taken at the end of the night by Graham Cliff.

This was an amazing event – about 50 people turned up to look at the skies and see the stars. We had some problems with clouds at times but in the clear intervals we could see Saturn’s rings, close ups of the moon, and Mars as well as a host of stars. We counted down to Earth Hour at 2030 and watched to see if we could notice a difference – I must admit I didn’t notice one! Martian Soup was served and enjoyed by many as well as lots of hot drinks as it was a bit chilly standing around waiting for the clouds to clear. The children at this event seemed to enjoy being outside in the park in the dark – and had impromptu games of hide and seek and lots of running was done. The teenagers who usually spend their evenings with their friends on the park – also came to have a look through the telescopes and behaved themselves very well. All in all a wonderful introduction to star gazing. Hope to see you next year.

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