Virtual Balloon Race

Instead of our traditional Easter event in the park, we’re hosting a virtual balloon race. All the fun but without any plastic ending up in the environment.

Click on the link to buy your balloon for a £3.00 donation, add a message and you’re entered into our race.

You can see all the balloons that have been entered, waiting to start flying free, can you spot yours!?!

The race starts on 2nd April at 12pm, when all the balloons will be released.

Track your balloon online over the Easter holidays, will you be a winner?

There will be prizes for the balloon that travels the furthest by the end of the race on the 17th April, plus the best messages.

Why not invite your friends and family to join in,
Whose balloon will travel the furthest?!

Volunteer With Friends of Victoria Park, Stretford


If you have time or skills to offer, get in touch.