Our Grounds to your Grounds

Finding a second life for our coffee grounds can help save money, support a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and reduce waste. Collect your bag of coffee grounds today from The Tea Room!

Here are some handy uses for your coffee grounds: (Please note, we’ve not tested all these hints, so please do your own research before trying these)

Homemade Fertiliser
You can replace your store-bought fertiliser with coffee grounds. Just sprinkle the grounds in the soil around your plants, or mix ½ a cup of grounds and warm water in a spray bottle to make a fertiliser mist for your home garden.

Bug Repellent
The strong scent of coffee keeps insects at bay. You can sprinkle dry coffee grinds along the foundation of your house or pop them in bowls on the patio to keep the bugs away.

Tossing coffee grounds in your compost pile helps stabilise the pH level, which helps foods degrade more quickly, and more evenly. The coffee scent also helps with the smell.

Worm Food
Worms can ingest coffee grounds without harm. If you keep worms for vermicomposting, adding coffee grounds to the dirt enables them to live longer.

Wheelie Bin Deodoriser
Coffee grounds can absorb strong odours in your rubbish bin. Fill up an old pair of pantyhose with some dry coffee grounds and hang the mixture inside your bin lid.

Drain Cleaner
The gritty texture of the grounds and the strong scent helps to unclog and deodorise your kitchen sink. Boil a cup of coffee grounds in a pot of water and pour the entire hot mixture down the drain.

Scratch Repair
You can use coffee to hide scratches on dark wood finishes. Mix a small amount of grounds with warm water to make a paste, rub the paste over the scratch and wipe it off with a towel. The grounds stain the wood and make the scratch less noticeable

Refrigerator Deodoriser
Most people use baking soda for this however coffee grounds work too. Fill a cheesecloth with dry coffee grounds and place the bag on a shelf in your fridge. The grounds absorb strong odours.

Food Flavouring
Used coffee grounds work just as well as fresh grounds in food recipes. You can add a small amount of grounds to chocolate baked goods for some added flavour.

Household Cleaner
Wet or dry coffee grounds effectively clean heavily soiled pots and pans, and dirty countertops. Just toss grounds on to the surface and scrub with a sponge. Test a small area of the countertop for colourfastness before cleaning the whole surface.

Face and Body Scrub
You can replace your store-bought exfoliator with coffee grounds. The abrasiveness of the grounds helps to remove dead skin cells, without irritating your face or body. Rub the grounds on in the shower, then wash them off in cool water. Test a small area of skin for any irritation before use.

Hair Shine
Running coffee grounds through your hair can give it a nice sheen. Just rub in the coffee grounds as a final rinse, and then wash out with cold water. Test a small area of skin for any irritation before use.

Hand Odour Neutraliser
Cooking with onions or garlic leaves a strong odour on your hands that most liquid soaps cannot remove. After cooking, wet your hands and rub a small amount of coffee grounds on them, then rinse with cool water. This removes the odour from your hands and nails. Test a small area of skin for any irritation before use.

Shoe Deodoriser
Sprinkle dry coffee grounds into your shoes, let them sit overnight, and then shake the grounds out over a bin. The grounds soak up any odours leaving your shoes smelling cleaner.

Craft Projects
Coffee grounds make realistic looking soil, tree limbs and beards in art projects. With a little glue, you can add a three-dimensional look to any art project. Children especially love doing art projects with used coffee grounds.

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