The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are responsible for setting the long-term direction of the group and ensuring good governance for the charity is always adhered to. They are also there to further the charity’s objects as set out in the governing document. They will also ensure financial probity and be the accountable body for the group. They will report to our community via an annual report and annual accounts and an Annual General Meeting to which the public are invited.

Shelly Quinton-HulmeChairperson – Was a founder member of the Friends of Victoria Park back in 2002. She became the chair of the group in 2006 and has served as the chairperson ever since. Shelly works full time in Project Management and Controls for Network Rail. Shelly also chairs Stretford Children’s Theatre charity and is vice chair of governors at Victoria Park Infants School. She is well known and respected within the Stretford community and works hard to improve the area for all.

Charlotte EvansTreasurerI’ve lived in Stretford nearly 5 years and Victoria Park was one of the reasons I settled on this area. I work full time in procurement for a global retailer and I volunteer for FOVPS to support the financial management side of the charity. I volunteer as it feels important to me to actively contribute in the community and help make Stretford an even better place by having some great facilities and a beautiful green space on our doorstep. 

Claudia De CarloSecretary – “I moved to Stretford in the summer of 2018 with my husband and little boy. We were lucky to have this beautiful park so close, enjoy the wonderful events and get to know the people, so I quickly learnt to appreciate what FOVP do for the community and didn’t hesitate for a minute that I wanted to be part. I have been part of FOVP team since May 2019, when I started my contribution with communication and social media and helped with the fundraising campaign for the Community Building. Being part of FOVP has given me an amazing opportunity to get involved in our lovely community and it makes me feel proud to support such a caring organisation.” Claudia brings along her admin skills as well as her expertise in Event organisation and Project Management.

Christine Barry – “I have been involved with the Friend’s group since its inception in 2002.  During my long working life as a Registered Childminder (40 years!) I spent daily periods in our beautiful park and without exception the children in my care loved their time there.  Whatever the season or weather there is always loads to see and do and friendly local people to meet and chat to. Now retired I enjoy as part of a team running the successful fund raising tombola stalls at busy park events.  I am looking forward to helping in other ways when our community building opens.  I am involved in the newly founded youth council which will give a voice to the younger generation as they input ideas to improve the park.  As we nurture these young people we hope they will become future active members of the Friends. I would encourage other people to get involved as we are a friendly bunch and it is rewarding to contribute in any small way to improving Victoria Park.”

Tom Ross – “Tom has been a friend of the park since 2007.  He lives in Stretford and has been a local councillor for the area since 2008 and has been on the committee for a number of years.  Tom’s taken part in a number of the community events over the years and the park is a very special place to him.  It’s a beautiful space in our town and brings our community together.”

Jean Napier – “I’ve lived in Stretford for over 30 years and my 3 children  have grown up here, too.   I became a volunteer in 2007 when I saw a notice on the Park gates inviting people  to help with the planting of hundreds of daffodil bulbs around the park. Since then the Friends of Victoria Park has developed and grown, providing several Community events throughout the year which are usually very well attended and enjoyed by young and old alike.  The largest events that we do is to celebrate Christmas, Easter and Hallow’een.”

Stephen Adshead

Ita Kirrane

Margaret Longworth

Suzy Woods – I have been in love with the wonderful Victoria Park since i moved to Stretford in 2016 and have always admired the hard-working volunteers who put so much into making it a wonderful place to be.  I have worked in the events industry for over 16 years, working on several outdoor food and music festivals as well as large experiential and corporate events.  So, it felt a natural fit for me when I was asked to help out on Picnic in the Park and the other events that take place throughout the year.  I joined the Board in April 2020 and am excited to see what is around the corner for FOVPS!

Heather Jones

Karin Miller

Trustee Terms of Office as at 11.06.2020

Trustee Date of Appointment to the board Term of Office Date of office up for renewal
Shelly Quinton-Hulme 24.07.2018 4 Years 24.07.2022
Ita Kirrane 24.07.2018 3 years 24.07.2021
Christine Barry 24.07.2018 3 years 24.07.2021
Tom Ross 24.07.2018 4 years 24.07.2022
Stephen Adshead 24.07.2018 3 years 14.05.2023
Charlotte Evans 08.04.2020 3 years 08.04.2023
Suzy Woods 08.04.2020 3 years 08.04.2023
Jean Napier 24.07.2018 3 years 24.07.2021
Margaret Longworth 24.07.2018 3 years 24.07.2021
Claudia De Carlo 08.04.2020 3 years 08.04.2023
Heather Jones 24.07.2018 2 years 24.07.2020
Karin Miller 11.06.2020 3 years 11.06.2023
Rick Mullan-Louw 24.09.2018 3 years Retired May 2020
Fiona McDonald-Naughton 24.07.2018 2 years Office Vacated April 2020
Elizabeth Powell 24.07.2018 2 years Office Vacated April 2020
Cath Johnston 24.07.2018 4 years Retired April 2020

Trustee Register of Interests as at 11.06.2020

Name of trustee Description of interest Does the interest relate to the trustee, or a person closely connected to the trustee? Is the interest current?
Mrs Shelly Quinton-Hulme Governor at Victoria Park Infant School Trustee of FOVPS Current
Mrs Shelly Quinton-Hulme Trustee of Stretford Children’s Theatre, Trustee of FOVPS Current
Mrs Shelly Quinton-Hulme Trustee of 23rd Stretford St Matthews Victoria Scout Group Trustee of FOVPS Resigned post in July 2018
Mrs Shelly Quinton-Hulme Trustee of Friends of Stretford Public Hall Trustee of FOVPS Resigned post in 2017
Ita Kirrane      
Christine Barry      
Tom Ross Trustee of Homestart Trafford, Salford & Wigan Trustee of FOVPS Current
Tom Ross Trafford MBC councillor Trustee of FOVPS Current
Tom Ross Governor at Victoria Park Junior School Trustee of FOVPS Current
Stephen Adshead      
Charlotte Evans None N/A N/A
Suzy Woods      
Jean Napier None N/A N/A
Margaret Longworth      
Claudia De Carlo None N/A N/A
Heather Jones None N/A N/A
Karin Miller None N/A N/A

Previous Committee and Board Members:

FOVPS Committee members 2001 – 2019

Thank you all for the help our past members gave in making this group an amazing one and ensured we are where we are today.


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