Mission / Vision / Goals / Behaviours

OUR MISSION [What we do] To ensure Victoria Park remains as one of the best community hubs and visitor attractions in Stretford / Trafford.
OUR VISION [What we want to be] To be a welcoming, vibrant park; the vital green heart of our urban community; offering modern facilities, and yet maintaining elements of its Victorian heritage. To be recognised as an exemplar for our social enterprise activities and ultimately become financially self sufficient.
OUR GOALS [What we must achieve] A well-maintained park for all;A broad, diverse and socially inclusive set of volunteers;An exciting events calendar throughout the year;Partnership working with other groups in Stretford / Trafford and Trafford Council;A well run and accessible community building / café;Harnessing local talent / expertise;An educational resource and signposting facilityTo make FOVPS a financially stable organisation generating surpluses and building a reserve.
OUR BEHAVIOURS [How we will work] Integrity; Opportunities and Respect for All; Families and Friendships; Inclusivity; Responsive to community needs; Caring & Supportive; Ethical; & Sustainable
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