Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

FOVPS have signed up to the Terracycle programme, whereby hard to recycle plastic packaging is saved from landfill, and returned to the production cycle. Plastic packaging is collected and sent away to be turned into pellets for reuse by commercial companies. We also receive points per kilo of waste to translate into funds for FOVPS.

We have a dedicated collection point in the lobby of the Community Building.

We collect the following plastic elements only, please check exactly what is accepted by clicking the links below. Then remove any cardboard and paper and make sure packets are rinsed and clean as necessary.  Thank you!

If anyone would like to volunteer to help monitor and process the waste, please email

*We do not accept empty pill packets.

Ferrero Rocher boxes, plastic inserts & aluminium wrappers Kinder Eggs & chocolate wrappers
BabyBel nets, wax & plastic packaging Cheese pouches, nets & other plastic packs.
Electric toothbrush heads & dental products Plastic phone cases & PopSockets
Flexible bags from cleaning products including surface wipes Baby food pouches
Lilies Kitchen, Pet food packaging Marigold gloves
Taylors of Harrogate coffee packs Weleda soft-touch plastic tubes

Check out the website to find locations for other products locally.

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If you have time or skills to offer, get in touch.


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