Santa in Gorse Hill

It’s his busiest time of the year, but Santa is making time to visit us again.

Tonight, 15th, he’ll be in Gorse Hill from 6-7pmSanta is looking forward to seeing you all, but do maintain social distancing rules. As we can’t collect cash donations, you can use our text number to donate, text PARK to 70480.

He’s starting at 6pm on Stephenson Street, A on the map, continuing along Renton Road and then right onto Gorse Crescent, B on the map, then out along Gorse Drive and onto Talbot Road, passing the park and onto Milton Road, C where they turn onto Chester Road before turning off onto Taylors Road.They will then loop up and down the streets between Beresford Road and Thomas Street. Starting with Harcourt, at D, back along Thomas Street, then up South Lonsdale, E. Out along Beresford, back down Nansen, out along Darley Street, F. Onto Wingfield Street, left back onto Taylors Rd, G, then out onto Norway Road, right onto Thomas st, back up Nansen, then left onto Taylors and along until the end at I about 7pm.

Remember to post your photos and let us know where you spot the sleigh, so we can all track his progress. It’s tricky to say in advance where they will be at each point on the journey.

And big thanks to all those who made it possible.

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