Victoria Park has a lot to offer the community. One of those things is the game of pétanque. With the support of The Friends of Victoria Park, Trafford Pétanque has been able to thrive as a club representing its region, both nationally and Internationally.

About the game

Although Pétanque has origins in France the sport is now played all around the world. It is a game that you can play on a dusty path with friends or in a purpose-built stadium, surrounded by TV crews and under the gaze of onlookers in the stands. Either way, pétanque is unique in its offering of being a very inclusive activity and one where it is easy to get started. From the outside pétanque looks simple to master, but then so does kicking a football. On the inside, for many, the game is addictive and inevitably becomes a lifelong obsession in a personal quest to get better.

The location

Trafford Pétanque’s home turf, or should we say gravel, is within the bowling green complex at Victoria Park. In a small corner of this large, quiet & still open space you will find a hive of activity from a group enjoying a sport which continues to attract people from the local area and afar. For those passing by one can expect to hear the sound of laughter, the clashing of steel, and witness the disappointment of a missed shot.

What’s on offer

So, if you are looking for the opportunity to get out in a great park, enjoy some exercise and the company of others, then Trafford Pétanque maybe for you. If you are searching for a sport where you can train hard, win trophies and possibly represent your country then pétanque can also provide those goals.

Either way, we are on a mission to get a broad demographic of people active and involved. We are like one big family, ever-growing and welcoming. Having such a unique asset to the community provides a catalyst for local pride and local recognition. On one hand, we would like to scale up to host International tournaments to put Trafford on par with our neighboring region of Yorkshire and down in the South. On the other hand, we are happy with a small band of social players who couldn’t care less for the big guns and instead just like a weekly chat, a bit of fresh air, a game, then home for tea.

We will let you decide the direction you want to take when you come and play with us at the Trafford Pétanque boulodrome, right here in Victoria Park, Stretford.

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