Stretford Stress Busting

A programme of activities designed to reduce stress, anxiety and depression for the people of Stretford and the surrounding areas. This programme will increase both mental wellbeing and resilience and can improve physical wellbeing at the same time. This programme ties in with the NHS 10 Stress Busters as outlined on their website by Professor Cary Cooper. []

Talking about Stress is often seen as less stigmatising than ‘mental health’ although it is the same thing and people often tie all the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression as one. People are more likely to accept that they are stressed than that they have mental health issues.

As we develop our services, we aim to add more groups such as Lunch Clubs, Community sports, Youth Group, events, etc

Top 10 stress-busting suggestions:   Groups that address this issue
1Be ActiveSunday Stroll
Fresh Air Fridays Gardening for Health
Mums and Buggy Fitness
Family Gardening Group
Green Gym Gardening group
Litter Picks
2Take ControlSignposting and talking to each other
Youth Council
3Connect with PeopleAll groups: Craft clubs, Family clubs, Nature sessions
The Tea Room
4Have some me timeAll groups
The Tea Room
5Challenge YourselfAll groups
6Avoid Unhealthy HabitsSignposting Support groups in the building.
We don’t serve alcohol or allow smoking  
7Help Other PeopleVolunteer programme
8Work Harder not SmarterSignposting and training
9Try to be positiveA positive atmosphere in all groups and The Tea Room
10Accept the things you can’t changeSign posting

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